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Did a Tampa-based Political Consultant Secretly Participate in the Redistricting of Manatee County?

Information gathered by TBT raises questions as to whether commissioner-connected political operative, Anthony Pedicini, played a secretive role in drawing maps submitted in the county’s redistricting process.

There are at least two email addresses published on the internet for Anthony Pedicini. The first—which is an older email address—is, and the other is "Simwins" refers to Pendicini’s political consulting firm, Strategic Image Management. 

Pedicini, Hillsborough County Commission
Pedicini - Trojan Horse?

Anthony Pedicini - Trojan Horse?   (click on website title for more information)

How good is Republican political consultant Anthony Pedicini at what he does? Pedicini’s track record of winning Republican primaries has earned him a reputation-----a reputation for dirty politics (Google him). 

But just how reliable is he during General Elections when it’s down to one Republican and one Democrat? 

A quick analysis of his performance shows when it comes to General Elections - when Republicans really need to win - Anthony Pedicini has lost more races than he’s won.  

Some are quietly whispering that Democrats are the real winners when running against Pedicini’s Republican clients.  Take for example, the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners.

In 2018, Pedicini’s BOCC candidates lost in the General Election....

Pedicini, 2022 Candidate
Pedicini-How Not To Get Elected In West Tampa

Guido Maniscalco celebrated a big victory over Jackie Toledo on Tuesday night. It was a big win for grassroots over money, Democrats over Republicans, blue collar over silk stockings, West Tampa over South Tampa and honesty over ugliness. It also was a chance, once again, for a La Gaceta-endorsed candidate to beat a Tampa Tribune-backed one.

2022 Candidate, Toledo, Pedicini
Toledo-Tampa GOP consultant steers his candidates away from public forums-Pedicini

Pedicini is known for his slashing negative campaigns, often using anonymous or shell political committees to produce factually distorted attack mailers and advertising, and relishes his role as a political bad boy.

2022 Candidate, Toledo, Pedicini
Why RINO's Continue to Win

RINO- Republican in Name Only (not conservatives)

Republican Primary voter turn out is historically low. 

This is how the Establishment RINOs win. They micro target the “Republican Super Voters” who reliably vote in every Primary. By making those specific voter contacts, the Establishment retains control of most elected offices. 

Constitutional conservatives need to get their game on and know how to play.

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