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Manatee Voter Information

Conservative Recommendations:
School Board endorsements:  District 2- Cindy Spray, District 5- Richard Tatem,
County Commission: District 4- Mike Rahn, District 6 - Jason Bearden (prolife, America first, Patriot...) (all Republicans but he is the recommended candidate). 

Additional reasons to support the above candidates research:
From the Manatee Democrat website
Democrats are endorsing  District 2: Harold Byrd  District 5: Current School Board Chair James T. Golden and Chantal Wilford.
Democratic candidates for County Commission District 2 are incumbent Reggie Bellamy and Charles B. Smith.

2022 Elections, Manatee
Why RINO's Continue to Win

RINO- Republican in Name Only (not conservatives)

Republican Primary voter turn out is historically low. 

This is how the Establishment RINOs win. They micro target the “Republican Super Voters” who reliably vote in every Primary. By making those specific voter contacts, the Establishment retains control of most elected offices. 

Constitutional conservatives need to get their game on and know how to play.

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