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Hillsborough County State Committeewoman, April Schiff, has become a phenomenon in the local Republican Party. Long involved in Hillsborough County politics, Schiff is known to be politically aligned with the “Status Quo” Establishment Republicans. A “Jeb Bush” fashioned moderate, Schiff seems to make no attempt at concealing an effort to regain control over the Hillsborough County Republican Party.   READ MORE

2022 Candidate, Luna

Anna appears to be an unstable person:  

Starting in high school  On Sept 5th, 2006 Anna filed a restraining order on a high school girl named Taylor Lyons, in Chico California.  Anna said Taylor attacked her and beat her up. Anna stated in the court documents “I am feeling terrified for my personal safety since this attack.” However, Anna did not show up for the court date and it was dismissed.

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Andrew Warren is a George Soros funded State Attorney.

Luna, 2022 Candidate, Hayslett

There’s no evidence that Braddock, a former Marine, had such contacts in foreign organized crime or took any steps to carry out a murder plot. He did not testify in the civil stalking case and has not been charged with any crime.

His attorney, Kevin Hayslett, said Luna blew minor contacts with Braddock out of proportion and that, as a political candidate in such divisive times, she should expect some uncomfortable conversations.

2022 Elections, Manatee

Conservative Recommendations:
School Board endorsements:  District 2- Cindy Spray, District 5- Richard Tatem,
County Commission: District 4- Mike Rahn, District 6 - Jason Bearden (prolife, America first, Patriot...) (all Republicans but he is the recommended candidate). 

2022 Candidate, Toledo

“LGBTQ Floridians need protection in housing, employment and public accommodations,” said State Representative Jackie Toledo. “I’m honored to introduce this important legislation with a team of the most effective lawmakers in the process. Together we’re going to make Florida more competitive for top talent and business. And we’re going to ensure that no family is denied an opportunity because of who they are or who they love.”

Pregnancy Support and Wellness Services: Requires DOH to contract with not-for-profit statewide alliance of organizations to provide pregnancy support & wellness services through subcontractors; provides duties of department; provides contract requirements; requires services to be provided in noncoercive manner & forbides inclusion of religious content.

2022 Candidate, Kelli Stargel

Most recently Senator Stargel was the party sponsor for the 15 week reduction in abortion: 

When I got pregnant at 17 Planned Parenthood said I would never be anything if I had my child.  Having my child was not a choice but a baby.  This bill is reasonable…not what I want because I believe life begins at conception.

And, one of the party spokespersons for the Parental Right bill:

2022 Primary Non, 2022 Candidate, Stacy Hahn

"I don’t want our families to feel guilty because they’re choosing to pay their rent and mortgages and put food on the table versus supporting this referendum," said Stacy Hahn, a Hillsborough County School Board Member.

2022 Primary Non, Stacy Hahn

Hahn is a long-time special education teacher in several counties, including Hillsborough, and taught special education teachers at the University of South Florida College of Education.

2022 Primary Non


Mike Isaak has been endorsed by the following retired judges:

The Honorable William Fuente, retired
The Honorable Dickie Greco, Jr., retired

2022 Primary Non, 2022 Candidate, Jared Smith

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2022 Primary Non, 2022 Candidate, Karen Perez, Damaris Allen
  • Promoting Critical Race Theory
  • Against Parental Rights
  • Promoting Inappropriate sex education books and curriculum 

Damaris Allen, Karen Perez

2022 Primary Non, 2022 Candidate, Damaris Allen, Karen Perez

"We recruit, train and support Democratic pro-choice women to state and local office in Florida."

Damaris Allen Hillsborough County School Board, District 2

Michele Rayner, House District 62

Karen Perez Hillsborough County School Board, District 6

Mariella Smith Hillsborough County Commission, District 5

Kimberly Overman Hillsborough County Commission, District 7

Janet Cruz- Catholic State Senator

Susan Valdez- Catholic State House Representative

Fentrice Driskell- Current House Representative

Michele Rayner-Current House Representative

Nancy Jacobs, 2022 Candidate, 2022 Primary Non

Nancy Jacobs Posts on her Facebook page

Click on below photos for larger image. Proudly posted on 'Nancy Jacobs for Circuit Court' Facebook.

2022 Candidate, Minardi

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2022 Candidate, Minardi

Michael’s advocacy includes being the Campaign Manager of Regulate Florida, a Lifetime Member of the National NORML Legal Committee, a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, Co-Founder of the Cannabis Executive Council, a board member of The Silver Tour, and Board member and Legal Director of NORML of Florida.  Michael and his wife, Sol, also run a non-profit the Tu-Canna 420 Foundation to educate and give back to the community. 


Hillsborough 2022 Primary Sample Ballots


A lawsuit has been filed in the 13th District Judicial Circuit Court in Hillsborough County related to the "ZuckBucks" grant the Hillsborough County Supervisor or Elections received in September 2020 - just weeks before the 2020 election. 


The lawsuit was filed by Plaintiff Hardam Tripathi on May 25, 2022 against the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) and Vistra Communications, LLC. 

2022 Candidate, District 15, Torres

Jerry Torres- Pledges to defeat Kathy Castor!!