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Party Platform with Bible Verses

Party Platform with bible verses  also in Spanish 

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5 Pro-Life Strategies for Post-Roe America Stemberger, Florida FamilyAction
Our Position on Pro-Life Petition Campaigns to Amend the Florida Constitution

3) The three amendment sponsors do not have the finances, networks, or grassroots support to win. Passing a state constitutional amendment by a citizen initiative is an extremely difficult process and requires millions of dollars. I know, as I am one of the few persons in Florida that has ever done it, with the marriage amendment campaign from 2005-2008. Even with the full support of Florida Baptists, Catholics, many other church denominations, and every pro-family group in the country, we still did not make the first deadline for signatures after two years. Under a new law, the signatures don’t carry over after two years. If not for a major donor gift that was totally unexpected, we would have never even finished collecting a million marriage petitions by the deadline. The current amendment efforts do not have the finances or support from major pro-life groups or denominational church leaders.

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