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Valrico murder and carjacking suspect was previously handed life-sentence, so why was he set free?

Did you hear this in the news?  Andrew Warren's office allowed Hansen to be released. 


Hanson had been sentenced to life in prison for a 2002 bank robbery in Tampa. He was released from prison last month after the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office used Hanson as a material witness in another murder case.

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Popes New World Order

o, some problems:

First, this is little else than high-minded-sounding wealth redistribution, a favorite dream of political liberals — remember the encounter between Obama and Joe the Plumber on the 2008 campaign trail.

Obama and liberals are all about taking the money of industrious hard workers and giving it to people who don't work hard or aren't as industrious — they call that "spreading the wealth."

Of course, Obama, Hillary and the 240,000 other Democrats running for president this year never include their own wealth in that equation; it's just your wealth that needs to be spread around.

Second, the entire notion of such a one-world government is the ideal of Marxist communism. Even though Obama said spread the wealth, he was not the first guy with the idea. Karl Marx was.

Third, the key question: Exactly who would be the ruling class making the new laws to impose on the entire human race, and, more to the point, what if the "people" wanted to throw off this one-world government down the road, what mechanism would be in place?

Fourth, what laws precisely would be imposed, say, for example, about abortion, sodomite marriage, taxation, private property and so on?

Fifth, and when it comes to the specific area of religion, if there is one world governing body, then it stands to reason that there would have to, eventually, be one world religion — or no world religion.

Sixth, the Vatican City state is its own national sovereignty. What would happen to it as it would be absorbed into the great universal governmental bureaucratic collective?

Seventh, these liberal ideas are all the rage and have been in the West for decades, and political, theological and social atheists have sought furiously to destroy Catholic-established Western civilization. But can anyone seriously think that the Chinese Communists are going to just hand over their power to "the people"? The Chinese Commies kill people who propose those ideas.

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