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1.  Why was Sheriff Chronister the only Florida Republican sheriff not to greet President Trump when he came to Tampa in August? 

  • He was on a family vacation. 
  • The Trump advisory told him not to worry about attending... the president already knows he has Chronister's support.

2. Why did Chronister vote to implement a curfew?

  • The curfew happened near the beginning of the 'pandemic' when the public was being told 2 million people were going to die.
  • The emergency committee was given extremely limit information then told to vote.

3. Why did the Sheriff's office help more during the riots?

  • Jurisdiction is segmented... there is the Temple Terrace, USF, and Tampa police departments.  If asked the sheriff's office would absolutely help.
  • Help was offered to the City of Tampa i.e. Mayor Castor but the offer was declined.

4.  Donations made to Candidates... note Chronister and his wife have a foundation which made donations in 2012 to Obama and the Democratic Party.  See all the donations he has made to the Republican party and Republican candidates.  

Boswell: Did not retire was fired but as with many agencies after working for a long period allowed him to resign so he could get benefits, supported and donated to Pruitt (Democrat candidate) before deciding to enter the race. 

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Florida Politics Boswell

Boswell served 25 years with HCSO, but was forced out of his position after disciplinary action dating back to 2014 triggered a demotion, reduction in pay, suspensions and, ultimately, his job.   Several allegations against him were sustained, including noncompliance with a direct order of a superior, conduct unbecoming an officer and discourtesy.

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Florida Politics- Boswell and the Brady List

In Boswell’s case, his presence on the Brady List was a discrediting factor because of the sustained complaints against him, which he is challenging in federal court as untrue and malicious, involved interviewing tactics that may have coerced a confession.

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