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Are you an informed voter?

Answer this questionnaire : "Are an informed voter? "  i.e Who said this?  “No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man. That’s like saying to you before you got on this program if you had taken a test [on] were you taking cocaine or not?”  “What do you think, huh? Are you a junkie?” 

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Is America Racist

A look at abortion rates, BLM mission, shootings in the US, and single parenting outcomes.

Do All Lives Matter?
Black Voice for Trump

Jobs & Opportunities:

  • Over 1.4 million more Black Americans have found a job since President Trump’s election
  • Black poverty reached a historic low
  • President Trump designated 8,760 Opportunity Zones that are projected to spur $100 billion in private investment in minority communities
  • The Trump administration established a fund to deploy $1 billion in capital funding for minority-owned businesses through the Commerce Department
  • The Black poverty rate is now at its lowest level in history
  • Provided more than $500 million in loans to HBCUs through the Capital Financing Program
  • Worked with HBCUs to protect $80 million in Title III carryover funding
  • Signed the FUTURE Act into law, which permanently funds HBCUs and simplifies the FAFSA application


  • President Trump’s 2020 budget called for $500 million in federal funding for school choice, and in 2018 he signed legislation... more
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Chicago Deaths
Do All Lives Matter?
Tucker Carlson- Facts Should Matter

Saddest, most painful weeks ever... how many innocent Americans have been hurt?  If you are grieving for America you are not alone.  Many elected officials are not talking.  Nothing to do with civil justice.  Democrats in April arrested a women for trying to organize a rally.  Eliminating the police would be ever ending terror for you and your family.  "Defund the Police"  Mayor of LA... his city would be eliminated... he comes out in support.  Employees of BLM talking to people asking them to kneel.  Mob even attacks people who are on their side. Everything we are watching has a purpose 'to end police violence' 

FACTS MATTER:  ( YOUTUBE click here for  9:23) 

Additional information on FBI homicide... more

Do All Lives Matter?, Tucker Carlson

United States: 

NYC Facts:   ​   ​Before you look at the number of Covid deaths... you need to have this additional information to compare... more

Do All Lives Matter?
57 members of Buffalo police riot response team resign after shoving incident

Critical thinking...WWYD:   Did the officers know he was 75 years old and did not have a gun?  

"Our position is these officers were simply following orders from Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia to clear the square," Evans said. "It doesn't specify clear the square of men, 50 and under or 15 to 40. They were simply doing their job. I don't know how much contact was made. He did slip in my estimation. He fell backwards."

Do All Lives Matter?
Activists Outline Plan to Push Agenda of Black Lives Matter in Classroom

“Black Lives Matter at School” is of course committed to shaping curriculum. This would in part take place by rewriting America’s past to fit the agenda of the movement.

Among the problematic parts of the way history is taught, according to an article cited in the book, is the “Lincoln-freed-the-slaves myth.” Also, “the failure of the curriculum to account for the centrality of slavery and anti-Black racism in the shaping of U.S. history, North and South.”

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America needs an Open Discussion on Income and Racial Inequality

As protests and riots erupt across America’s cities no media coverage has shed any light on how urban cities are run, considering the vast majority are governed by progressive Democrats.

Former civil rights activist, and former head of the National Urban League Department of Criminal Justice, Bob Woodson, who is now President of the Woodson Center stated, “In the past 50 years, $22 trillion has been spent on poverty programs.  Seventy percent goes not to the poor but those who serve poor people,” he said. “So many of those people taking office use this money to create a class of people who are running these cities, and now after 50 years of liberal Democrats running the inner cities, where we have all of these inequities that we have, race is being used as a ruse, as a means of deflecting attention away from... more

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Apple and Google named in US lawsuit over Congolese child cobalt mining deaths


Apple, Google, Dell, Microsoft and Tesla have been named as defendants in a lawsuit filed in Washington DC by human rights firm International Rights Advocates on behalf of 14 parents and children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The lawsuit, which is the result of field research conducted by anti-slavery economist Siddharth Kara, accuses the companies of aiding and abetting in the death and serious injury of children who they claim were working in cobalt mines in their supply chain.

Cobalt is essential to power the rechargeable lithium batteries used in millions of products sold by Apple, Google, Dell, ... more

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Apple benefits from forced Uighur labor at its iPhone supplier factories in China, according to an explosive new report


Apple's suppliers in China use thousands of displaced Uighurs for labour, according to a new report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

The report is wide-ranging and focuses on a coordinated government campaign to move and displace Uighurs, a Muslim minority found mostly in Xinjiang province. The report estimates that between 2017 and 2019 some 80,000 Uighurs were forcibly transferred to work in factories across China.

From growing a beard to complaining about porn: Here are the flimsy excuses China uses to throw Uighur Muslims into prison camps

Although the report highlights that the displaced Uighur workers are... more

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Archbishop Sheen’s Warning of a Crisis in Christendom

 “Christendom is economic, political, social life as inspired by Christian principles. That is ending — we’ve seen it die. Look at the symptoms: the breakup of the family, divorce, abortion, immorality, general dishonesty.”

That was 1974. Today we know it’s even worse with the definition of marriage and gender drawn into the picture. And the crisis within the Church.

He reminded that of 22 civilizations that have decayed since the beginning of the world, 19 rotted and perished from within.

Do All Lives Matter?
Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now

We will also discover that the riots in these days were provoked by those who, seeing that the virus is inevitably fading and that the social alarm of the pandemic is waning, necessarily have had to provoke civil disturbances, because they would be followed by repression which, although legitimate, could be condemned as an unjustified aggression against the population. The same thing is also happening in Europe, in perfect synchrony.

For the first time, the United States has in you a President who courageously defends the right to life, who is not ashamed to denounce the persecution of Christians throughout the world, who speaks of Jesus Christ and the right of citizens to freedom of worship. Your participation in the March for Life, and more recently your proclamation of the month of April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, are actions that confirm which side you wish to fight on. And I dare to believe that both of us are on the same side in this... more

Do All Lives Matter?
Article-Law Enforcement Suicide Red Flags Are Up

Karen Solomon, the founder of Blue H.E.L.P., an organization honoring the lives and service of law enforcers who die by suicide, said that 132 officers were killed in the line of duty in 2019 and 228 took their own lives.

In Chicago, most of the last dozen or so Chicago Police Department suicides were committed by officers with less than seven years on the job. In the past, suicides were more characteristic of officers with 15-plus years’ service. Officer and supervisor opinions vary as to the reason for this seeming shift. Some believe snowflakes, unprepared to face evil, are melting with the heat of the job; some blame lower standards and poor training; others place suicides at the feet of leadership and politics.

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Black Lives Matter Website


From their website...

We are unapologetically Black in our positioning. In affirming that Black Lives Matter, we need not qualify our position. We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or... more

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The founders of the movement, the #BlackLivesMatter Foundation (BLMF), created it to radically shift culture. The far-left Ford Foundation, the world’s largest population control organization, vowed in 2016 to raise $100 million for the Movement for Black Lives (MFBL) — a nationwide coalition of BLM groups (including BLMF). MFBL released a shocking manifesto of policy positions that are... more

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Donald Trump- Still not a Racist

Building on his record of Promises Made, Promises Kept, President Donald J. Trump has released the Platinum Plan for Black America, which will uplift Black communities across the country through a $500 billion investment. After years of neglect by Democrat politicians, Black Americans have finally found a true advocate in President Trump, who is working tirelessly to deliver greater opportunity, security, prosperity, and fairness to their communities.

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Facts- 'Do All Black Lives Matter'
Movie icon

' Based on 2012 numbers it would take 40 years for the number of blacks killed by the police to equal the number of blacks killed by blacks '  .... more facts

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FBI- Homicide Stats 2018 Do All Lives Matter?, FBI

The 10 countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery are 

  1. North Korea 
  2. Eritrea 
  3. Burundi 
  4. the Central African Republic 
  5. Afghanistan 
  6. Mauritania 
  7. South Sudan 
  8. Pakistan 
  9. Cambodia 
  10. Iran  

In 2018, the governments taking the most action to respond to modern slavery are:  

  1. The Netherlands
  2. United States
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Sweden
  5. Belgium
  6. Croatia
  7. Spain
  8. Norway
  9. Portugal
  10. Montenegro. 
Do All Lives Matter?
How Welfare Undermines Marriage and What to Do About It

The effect of married fathers on child outcomes can be quite pronounced. For example, examination of families with the same race and same parental education shows that, compared with intact married families, children from single-parent homes are:

  • More than twice as likely to be arrested for a juvenile crime,
  • Twice as likely to be treated for emotional and behavioral problems,
  • Roughly twice as likely to be suspended or expelled from school
  • A third more likely to drop out before completing high school.
  • Three times more likely to end up in jail by the time they reach age 30

Is it culture or race?  77% of black babies are born to single moms. 

Since the beginning of the War on Poverty, less-educated mothers have increasingly become married to the welfare state and to the U.S. taxpayer rather than to the fathers... more

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I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump

"You ain't black if you don't vote for Biden"  "Poor kids can be just as smart as white kids"  

Before Trump was the president didn't everyone love him.... black communities, NAACP... why is he a racist?  Cleaning the swamp.  Since he has been president economy greater than ever... economy, protecting us from MS13 not Mexicans,  MAGA... exporter not importer... jobs.... can make it in this country.   

  • Funding for black universities for next 20 years...  Trump made programs to let nonviolent offenders get out of jail.
  • Why does Biden deserve your vote since he has done nothing for 47 years?  
  • Johnson started welfare and other programs... "voting Democrat for years to come"  Blinding voting Democrat!
  • What reason does Trump to have to be in office except to help our county?  Only president whose income has significantly dropped!  
  • Can I count on your vote?
  • Show me how Trump is a racist???
  • Trump looks at us as... more
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Indiana woman shot dead after saying ‘all lives matter': family

A young mother was fatally shot earlier this month in Indiana and may have been targeted for saying “all lives matter,” the 24-year-old’s family said Sunday.

Do All Lives Matter?
Law Enforcement Suicide Red Flags Are Up Cline, Do All Lives Matter?

Website seems to be rather liberal as there is no mention of company names in this article but obviously it is some of the same companies who are requiring diversity training, donating funds to organization 'promoting' an end to racism... double standard???  SEE OTHER ARTICLES  ... APPLE is top of the list. 

Globally, imports were a key driver of modern slavery, with the United States as the biggest purchaser of goods at-risk of being produced through forced labor, importing more than $144 billion(1) a year. U.S. consumer demand was key to fueling this supply, with electronics (laptops, computers, mobile phones), garments, fish, cocoa and timber the highest value categories of imported items.


Do All Lives Matter?
Office of President - Training in the Federal Government

It has come to the President's attention that Executive Branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to date "training" government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda. For example, according to press reports, employees across the Executive Branch have been required to attend trainings where they are told that "virtually all White people contribute to racism" or where they are required to say that they "benefit from racism." According to press reports, in some cases these training have further claimed that there is racism embedded in the belief that America is the land of opportunity or the belief that the most qualified person should receive a job.

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Pray for your Police Department

Our Police put their lives on the line every day for our protection and the protection of our loved ones. They do this out of love of the principles of law and order and are willing to die for these ideals. Without these types of heroic sacrifice, our society will fall into chaos and ruin.

National, Do All Lives Matter?

The 2020 Regional Equity Report, released today by the Tampa Bay Partnership, in collaboration with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and United Way Suncoast, reveals dramatic inequities for the region’s Black residents, both within Tampa Bay and compared to a set of 19 benchmark communities across the country.

An analysis of 21 indicators related to economic vitality, talent, infrastructure, civic quality, poverty and employment shows that Tampa Bay’s Black residents are far more likely to be paid less, living in poverty and underperforming in schools when compared to the region’s White residents. Without intervention, these disparities – and others – are likely to become more pronounced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Respect our Flag Do All Lives Matter?
The Police Tribune

The Police Tribune is a law enforcement news publication staffed by journalists and columnists with family in law enforcement.

Do All Lives Matter?
Those accusing Trump of racism ignore his record
  • 1976 Humanitarian Award by the National Jewish Health;
  • 1983 Tree of Life Award by the Jewish National Fund;
  • 1986 Ellis Island Award given to Trump, Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali;
  • 1990 video of the Rev. Jesse Jackson lauding Trump as a friend to minorities and underserved communities. Jackson expressed appreciation for Trump’s support of the Rainbow Push Coalition’s initiative called the Wall Street Project, which aimed to help minority-owned businesses;
  • 1995 President’s Medal by the Freedom Foundation (Washington) for his support of youth programs;
  • 2007 Muhammad Ali Entrepreneur Award;
  • 2008 Unicorn Children’s Foundation Shining Star Award; 
  • 2011 Presidential Hero Award by the Lois Pope Life Foundation;
  • 2015 The Algemeiner Liberty Award for contributions to Israel-United States relations.

The above limited list does NOT... more

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TRULY AMAZING! Courageous Priest Admonishes
Do All Lives Matter?, Father Altman
US bishops caught funding radical groups supporting riots, calling for ‘death’ to police

One of the organizations, the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice (NOWCRJ), “received $150,000 from the CCHD over the last three years, including last year’s grant of $50,000.” 

The clenched fist “is a hallmark of Marxist revolution. The third group working to undermine the rule of law in the United States is The People’s Lobby Education Institute, based in Chicago. The CCHD gave $165,000 to the group in the last three years. 

While the CCHD funds radical organizations, the CCHD in turn is funded, as the USCCB points out, “by the generous support of Catholics in the United States, especially through an annual parish collection.”

In a previous investigation, the Lepanto Institute found that “at the very core of the CCHD is a philosophy of revolutionary leftist ideologies.”

The 2015 investigation looked at several groups funded by the CCHD,... more

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