Major Castor- Mask Mandate

Email Mayor Castor or Call (813) 274-8251  Talking points:  Is she going to arrest all the Bucs players?; her outrage hurts businesses and future events, demand scientific proof masks work; stop the politics and care about the people;...

Newsweek:  Tampa Mayor Jane Castor issued an executive order before the Super Bowl saying masks must be worn outside while in "event zones," such as downtown, in and around the stadium, and at other tourist hotspots until February 13. The order also said those not wearing masks could be cited for a "normal civil infraction" that carries a $500 fine.

While the city of Tampa and Hillsborough County have their own mask requirements in place, Republican Governor Rick DeSantis issued an executive order in September stating that people could not be fined for not wearing a mask in Florida. 

Other reports:   "At a press conference Monday, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said that maskless fans at the Super Bowl will be 'identified' by law enforcement and that police will 'handle' the situation."  

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Saturday, February 13, 2021 - 11:30am
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