Upcoming Events

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LifeChoices Family Medical- Light of Hope Annual Gala
Oct 28 2023 - 6:00pm
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Higgins Hall
5225 North Himes Avenue
33614 Tampa , FL

Join us for our annual Light of Hope Gala to learn more about our fight to protect:

  • the right to life-affirming, dignified healthcare for all,
  • the right to medical conscience and
  •  the right of faith-based, independent clinics to exist

Come hear how we impact women and their families throughout Tampa Bay.


Other Events

   Heritage Action Events  - mostly online webinars- topics vary



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 Teresa Miller

Annual Events to Plan Ahead

Monthly: Pray at the Abortion Clinic

January: Local or National March for Life

January- March:  Legislation session begins on off election cycle
       Trip to Tallahassee

March- City Elections (Odd # Years)- Distribute  prolife voter guides

Spring: 40 Days for Life

March- May: Legislation session during election years
     Trip to Tallahassee

Good Friday: Stations of the Cross at Abortion Facility- (Held Nationally- Pro-life Action League)

May/June: Bridge for Life- (Held Nationally- Pro-life Action League)

August: Primary Election (Even # Yrs) Distribute  prolife voter guides

Fall: Sept-Nov- 40 Days for Life

November: General Election- (Even # yrs)- Distribute  prolife voter guides

December: Caroling in the Womb (Held Nationally- Pro-life Action League)