Embrace Life

Often when one thinks about Pro-Life issues abortion and end of life concerns are the focus but equally important are the daily challenges a person faces throughout their life. In today’s world this includes substance abuse, human trafficking, domestic violence, bullying and sexuality issues. Encouraging others to use drugs is wrong. Lying that a drug is not only a “medicine’ but a miracle drug is wrong & also reckless. Advocating for life means opposing any legalization or misuse of a drug that is known to impair a person’s ability to reach their potential in life as God has planned. This clearly includes opposing the legalization of a medicine without FDA approval process. Amendment 2 is about legalizing smoking pot & eating candy laced with marijuana and calling it a medicine. This is not a prescription drug, it won’t be sold in a pharmacy and it is opposed by all medical associates to include the American Epilepsy Society, and the AMA. Name one legitimate medicine that isn't sold in a pharmacy? Every state that has legalized marijuana for “medical” purposes has seen a surge in usage particularly by youth & young adults and a significant increase in highway fatalities, ER visits, hospitalization, homelessness, unemployment… all related to marijuana usage. Marijuana is particularly harmful to an adolescent’s brain and damage is often irreversible. In Hillsborough children believe it is safer to smoke pot than cigarettes and often drive with friends who are high. Take Action- Educate your family and friends. Speak up, Speak out & Speak the TRUTH.

I am an advocate for Life helping people to better understand life issues and identifying available resouces to Take Action and/or seek help.