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Forty Days For Life
National, State Specific, Join Campaign
Susan B Anthony List
Legislative, Candidates, Voter Guide, National, State, Action Alert Resources
Human Life Action
Action Alert Resources, National, Legislative, How They Voted
HUSH -A liberating conversation about abortion and women's health
Movie, PLC, Breast Cancer, The Pill, Miscarriage, Mental Health
Tampa Bay Pregnancy Center Brochure
Tampa Bay Pregnancy, Pregnancy Resource
Life Site News
Life Site, Online Magazine, News, Blogs, Opinion, Catholic, Action Alert Resources, National, International
Action Alert Resources, Live Action, Resources
Federal Born Alive
Pro-Life Action League
Action Alert Resources, Event, Facts, National, Pro-Life Action League
State Abortion Reporting Resource map
Abortion in Obamacare
The Restoration Project
PLC, Atlanta
Dilation and Evacuation Abortion (D&E) Abortion
Family Research Council
Action Alert Resources, Family Research Council
Catholic Vote
Voter Guide, Candidate Comparison, 2020 Election
Response to advertisement by Catholics for Choice Miami
Florida Voice For the Unborn
Action Alert Resources
Adoption Support Center
Adoption, Birth Moms, 24/7, PLC, Support Group
Abortion. No Matter What. - The Planned Parenthood Project
Planned Parenthood
Shattering the abortion Lies, Jezebel
98% Of CRS Employee Political Donations Go To Pro-Abortion Candidates Abortion, Political Donations, CRS
Charlotte Lozier Institute
stem cell, end of life, genetics, public health, law
Letter: Perilous Days letter, life matters
Human Life Alliance
Fact Sheets
Heroic Media
Marketing, PLC
Padre Peregrino
Podcasts, Modesty
Students for LIfe
National, State Specific, Action Alert Resources, Young Adult, high school, College
Late-Term Abortion Activist Wendy Davis Has Traveled to 20 States Campaigning for Hillary Clinton Clinton, Planned Parenthood, 2016
Florida Family Policy Council
Florida, Education, Statistics
Welcome to the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute (BCPI)
Breast Cancer, Brochures, Breast Cancer Prevention, The Pill, PLC
Mainstream Media Finally Admits Abortion Reversal Pill is Working RU-486, Pill Reversal
St. Clare Project Novena
Pregnant on Campus
National, College, Young Adult, State Specific
Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, Defense, State, Foreign Operations, and Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 2020
Hillary Clinton Supports Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth, No Limits Even in the 9th Month Clinton, Late-term abortion, 2016
Human Coalition
National, State, App
Densie Mountenay Book, Speaker, PLC
Pam Stenzel
Pam Stenzel, Speaker, teens, Parents, STD, Educational Programs, video
Sidewalk Counselors Tell Women: 'We Love You, We Support You, and You're Not Alone' sidewalk counseling, pro-life, Abortion
Faith and Freedom Coalition
National, State, Voting
Abolish Abortion App
Lacy Buchanan PLC, Special Needs, Book
Family Watch International
Action Alert Resources, International
Pam Stenzel Video- Abortion, STD, Abstinence
teens, Parents, STD, Abstinence
Pro-Life Training
Training, National
Americans United for Life
action alerts, Legislation
Abortion Clock
Gainesville FL
HR-490 Heartbeat Bill- FEDERAL
CareNet- Find A Pregnancy Center
Alliance Defending Freedom
National, Attorneys, Training, Action Alert Resources, Pastors, church
Tampa Bay Guild of St. Philomena
Physicians, pro-life
Kimberly Home Pregnancy Center
Pregnancy Resource, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Support
Janet Porter, Heartbeat Bill, National, State
Life Facts
Life Site, Resources, Breast Cancer
Abortion Memorial Sites Memorial Sites
Rachel's Vineyard-Healing from Abortion
Retreat, Male, Female, Healing, National, State Specific, Recovery
Operation Rescue
Video: It's Never Medically Necessary To Have An Abortion Abortion, video
A Study of Couples Learning the Creighton Model: A Summary of Research Findings Creighton Model, Fertility
Hope After Abortion
Abortion Healing
St. Gianna Center
Educational Programs, Fertility, Tampa Bay
Men and Abortion
Abortion Healing
Assure Pregnancy Center
Tampa Bay Pregnancy, Pregnancy Resource, Tampa Bay
Operation Save America
Strengthen Your Understanding of Fertility Awareness Fertility, Webinars
Project Gabriel- Virginia
Pregnancy Resource
National Pro-Life Alliance
Action Alert Resources, Legislative
Eugenicists Propaganda Eugenicists
Marijuana-Opioid Connection
Abortion, Pregnancy, Study, Marijuana, Opioid
Too Many Aborted
Minority, Billboards, Impact, Resources, Adoption
Alveda King
Speaker, Projects
Live Action Facebook abortion facts, Live Action
Pro-Life Rosary Rosary
Life Choices- Guiding Star Center
Tampa Bay, Pregnancy Resource
American Life League
STOPP, Organ Donation
Abortion Facts- Florida Right to Life Facts
Pro-Life OBGYN
OBGYN, Physicians, Locations, National, Brochures
National Right To Life
Scorecards, National, State, Statistics, Action Alert Resources
Life Matters- Videos for Children
Lessons, video, children, Parents
Life Decision International
Action Alert Resources
Children's Novena for Life children, Novena
Priests for Life
Action Alert Resources, National
Family Research Council- Sexual Health
Sexual Health
Natural Womanhood
Fertility, Health
Powered by God website, children, Parents, teachers
Minnesota Catholic Conference statement concerning Sept. 12 “Catholics for Choice” national ad campaign Minnesota Bishop Conference
Life Perspective
Abortion Healing, Miscarriage Healing
EWTN- Pro-Life Weekly EWTN, TV
APR- Abortion Pill Reversal
Brochures, Hot Line, Location, Physicians
Breast Cancer Awareness: An Ounce of “Prevention” is Worth a Pound of “Cure” Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Prevention
Florida's Abortion- (Heartbeat Bill) Abortion, Heartbeat, State, Florida
Statement in response to Catholics for Choice campaign Texas, Catholic Bishops Conference, 2016
Miscarriage Hurts
Miscarriage Healing
Girl Scouts Why Not
Girl Scouts, PLC
Susan G. Komen Gives Million$ to Planned Parenthood Susan B Komen, Nadal, Planned Parenthood
Pro-Life Rosary Rosary
Ave Maria Fertility Care Center Tampa Bay Pregnancy, Pregnancy Resource
Fr. Pavone on why Catholics can’t sit out the election
Pavone, Priests for Life
Support After Abortion
Recovery, Chat, Online, Retreat, Men, PLC
Abortion 'triples breast cancer risk': Fourth study finds terminations linked to disease Breast Cancer
Planned Parenthood Percentages
Planned Parenthood
Christ Our Hope in Every Season
Abortion Healing
Cardinal Dolan, U.S. bishops’ pro-life chairman, issues statement on deceptive ‘Catholics for Choice’ ad campaign
Dolan, US Bishops
Florida PreBorn Rescue
sidewalk counseling, Tampa Bay
Angels in the Water Book
Florida Right to Life
Florida, Legislative
Hands of Hope
Hope Helps All- ProLove Promo Video
Arizona, sidewalk counseling
and Then There Were None
Abortion Workers
It Starts With The Workers
Abortion Workers
DOSP- Pregnancy Centers DOSP, Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Pregnancy
Heartbeat Bill- Video
HR 490, National, Ohio, State
Time to Preach to the Non-Converted on Abortion Abortion, Catholic Thing, Party Platform
Voice of the Family
Catholic, International, Rome, Pro-Family, pro-life, Publications
10 Ways to Support Her When She's Unexpectedly Expecting Support
Dr. Levatino Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes
Levatino, Congress, TFP student action, Abortion
Obamacare funding of abortions abortion facts
Picture of aborted baby leaves pro-abortion lawmakers speechless
Florida appeals court rules in favor of 24-hour waiting period for abortion Legislative Update
Can a Catholic Be Pro-Choice Catholic, Pro-Choice
SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT, SPEAK TRUTH Poems to Ponder, Doughtrill Cezair
UnSafe Conditions Planned Parenthood, AUL
Trump declares January 22 as National Sanctity of Human Life Day Trump
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