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CDC School Recommendations

Schools are an important part of the infrastructure of our communities, as they provide safe, supportive learning environments for students, employ teachers and other staff, and enable parents, guardians, and caregivers to work.  Schools also provide critical services that help meet the needs of children and families, especially those who are disadvantaged, through supporting the development of social and emotional skills, creating a safe environment for learning, identifying and addressing neglect and abuse, fulfilling nutritional needs, and facilitating physical activity.  School closure disrupts the delivery of in-person instruction and critical services to children and families, which has negative individual and societal ramifications.  The best available evidence from countries that have opened schools indicates that COVID-19 poses low risks to school-aged children, at least in areas with low community transmission, and suggests that children are unlikely to be major drivers...

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School Reopening Research
  1. What is the cited evidence that children spread the virus, especially documentation for Hillsborough County where there have been ZERO deaths of anyone ages 24 and under? 
  2. If face masks are mandatory, what is the protocol for: (additional research on masks)
    1. ​​​​​​Special needs, asthmatic and other children who cannot or should not wear? 
    2. Bullying of these students who cannot wear a mask for physical or medical reasons?
    3. Teachers at each grade level for the procedures and processes to monitor mask wearing? 
    4. Determining when is the mask no longer ‘safe’ and/or ‘healthy’ to wear?
    5. A student who contaminates another student’s mask? Disposing of contaminated masks?
    6. Informing parents of potential health issues: Hypoxia, Hypercapnia, impair one’s immunity & increases harmful viruses in nasal passages. 
    7. ...
Corona, school reopening, corona children, children
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