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Child Parent

Legal Representation, Advocacy, Activism!  

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Stand your ground
  3. Teach Your Children
  4. Do not be Intimidated 
  5. Use the  Law
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"Studies have shown that 69 to 98 percent of children will resolve conflicts between their feelings and their bodies by adulthood if not subjected to “gender affirmation treatments”.

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Parents Know Best

Candidate Training, Action alerts, CRT strategies, coalitions statewide and national

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Gabb Wireless

The Gabb Phones protects kids while keeping them connected to family and friends. It gives parents peace of mind because it doesn’t have the Internet, social media or games.

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Liberty Scholar

Empowering You To Create A Better Education For Your Child

Liberty Scholar is an online forum for parents and student influencers purposed to provide a solution to the failure of the American public education system. Liberty Scholar is a branch of Florida Citizens Alliance, primarily geared towards parents who are looking for a solution to their child’s educational needs. America is witnessing a dramatic change in K-12 education, due to COVID-19, and we are here to help you find the online courses, scholarships, and supplemental materials you need.

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