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After mounting protests

During his tenure, “The Diocese of St. Petersburg refused to release its priest records and acknowledged it had previously handled sexual abuse complaints without contacting authorities,” reported The Tampa Bay Times in 2002.  In the end, the diocese handed over nearly $6 million dollars to settle sexual harassment claims.  

Lynch, Catholic Homosexual
After mounting protests, archbishop rescinds pro-gay bishop’s speaking invitation

Bishop Lynch’s poor track record in dealing with sexual scandal in his former diocese plus the presence of homosexual scandal in his own life had made him a curious choice to lead the retreat which aims to address the current turmoil, division, and darkness the Church now faces, brought about primarily by the presence of Catholic clergy who have been active homosexuals.

In the end, the diocese handed over nearly $6 million dollars to settle sexual harassment claims.  

Also, in Tampa Bay Times

Lynch, Catholic Homosexual
Bishop Lynch should be forced to resign his office

Note that Bishop Lynch does not say that “some Christians” or “some Catholics” target homosexuals for hate, but specifically that “it is religion, including our own..” that does so, which in this context can only mean the Catholic Church. Thus a bishop of the Catholic Church accuses his own religion of targeting homosexuals in such a way as to breed contempt for such people, which can lead to such violence.

Lynch, Catholic Homosexual

Bishop Lynch's reign has not only been sympathetic to homosexual rhetoric, but unsympathetic toward Tradition.

Bishop Lynch displaced a Latin Mass church in Sarasota, with reports stating there were "over 3,800 registered families, six Sunday Masses, and a parish school."

Bishop Lynch has been involved in homosexual scandals, once paying a former employee $100,000 in a settlement after the employee accused him of sexual advances. Bishop Lynch was also accused of illegally granting $30 million worth of diocesan business contracts to a young, muscular athlete with whom Lynch was close.

Lynch, Catholic Homosexual
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