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Abolish Abortion App

Ever needed a good pro-life argument at your fingertips? Or what about awesome fetal development facts and photos, like ASAP? Or the closest pregnancy resource center?


End Slavery Now

Using this app can be a starting point to empower yourself with knowledge about child labor or forced labor around the world. Anyone with an interest in these issues - governments, businesses, academics, civil society, consumers - can use it as a source of information to begin asking questions, taking action, and demanding change.

We encourage business owners to better understand their supply chains and if you know a business owner, share this app with them and engage in a conversation about child and forced labor.

Fight the New Drug
Human Coalition

Human Coalition is a champion of life, committed to an audacious mission: to transform our culture of death into a culture of life—to end abortion in America. Human Coalition operates six “lab- driven” divisions in key abortion-dense cities. These departments continually test and optimize their practices so that we listen to and serve the abortion- determined community with greater effectiveness.     Pro-Life App,  Blogs, Local Strategies,   Resource Center


Eradicating child and forced labor and educating children are fundamental government responsibilities. Companies’ social compliance programs can help fill critical gaps where governments have not yet developed full capacity – and, as outlined below, they fulfill other important responsibilities and objectives. At the same time, they do not substitute for strong government action to protect children and workers, and should not be regarded as adequate substitutes for the responsibilities of governments.

Victory App

The fight for freedom from pornography is a battle you can win. But, every battle needs a plan. The Victory app provides a strategic battle plan for liberty in the struggle against pornography.

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