For the People Act (Anti Election Integrity)

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Sarbanes, John P. [D-MD-3]
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Listen to Mark Robinson speak out against HR 1.  

Action Alert- SEND YOUR EMAIL TO SIX SENATORS.   Florida Family Association has selected six Democratic Senators who are more moderate than most of the rest of the Democratic U.S. Senators for you to send emails to encourage them to vote against  S.1.  Unfortunately, the United States Senate is blocking Florida Family Association’s email server that is used to send action emails.  Therefore, Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to each of the six Democratic Senators that will open in your email client.  Democrats outline of S1

The end goal of HR 1 is clear to enshrine into law dubious electoral practices that enable and encourage fraudulent behavior, such as ballot harvesting, false voter registrations, duplicate voting, and ineligible voting.

Heritage Action Toolkit: H.R. 1 contains many provisions that are unhelpful, unnecessary, and unconstitutional. Here are just a few of the terrible policies contained in H.R. 1.

  • Funds political campaigns with taxpayer dollars — H.R. 1 uses taxpayer money to create a six-to-one match on political contributions up to $200. This would force Americans to spend millions of dollars to fund the campaigns of candidates they are politically opposed to.
  • Allows candidates to take a salary from their campaigns — Senators and representatives are already paid a salary for their work in Congress. H.R. 1 would allow politicians to take a second salary from their political campaigns—campaigns that would be funded by your taxpayer dollars. This creates a perverse situation where taxpayers are providing politicians with two salaries!
  • Requires political non-profits to disclose donors — This provision is not about transparency, but giving militant Leftists the names and addresses of conservative donors. Leftist activists have repeatedly shown their willingness to dox conservatives, threaten their families, and pressure employers into firing them. H.R. 1 would further empower this dangerous cancel culture.
  • Sabotages state voter ID laws — When arriving at the polls, voters will not be required to show ID and can simply sign a statement in which they claim to be who they say they are. This undermines many states’ voter ID laws, which were enacted to combat impersonation fraud, voter registration fraud, duplicate voting, and voting by ineligible individuals, such as illegal aliens.
  • Mandates same-day registration — States will be required to immediately register a person to vote upon request, even on the day of an election. With no buffer-period to verify personal information, this provision enables voter fraud.
  • Automatically registers ineligible voters — States will be required to automatically add to voter registration rolls every person—regardless of voter eligibility—who partakes in certain government programs, such as receiving welfare or obtaining a driver’s license. Other provisions of H.R. 1 then restrict the ability of states to verify eligible voters and remove ineligible voters from voter registration rolls. This provision will automatically enroll ineligible voters such as illegal aliens.
  • Unconstitutionally requires states to restore the ability of felons to vote — Upon release from prison, every felon would immediately be restored the ability to vote. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution allows states to restrict voting rights to those who have participated in "rebellion, or other crime." States have the constitutional authority to decide when or if to restore that right, as long as they do so in a manner that is not racially discriminatory. H.R. 1 would attempt to unconstitutionally overrule the 14th Amendment with a statute.
  • Violates the First Amendment — H.R. 1 deters political free speech by inserting a provision that makes it a criminal offense to provide “materially false” information that will “impede or prevent” someone from registering or voting. This provision is so vague that it would likely interfere with free speech and other legitimate activities.
  • Requires ballots be counted outside of the voter’s precinct — This removes the integrity of the local government to verify voter rolls and oversee elections and gives the power to count votes entirely to the federal government.
  • Creates unaccountable redistricting committees — Currently, congressional district lines are drawn by state governments that are accountable to their constituents. Allowing unelected officials to determine congressional districts is a nakedly political ploy to draw more Democratic districts.


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