Masks-Respirators for everyone - media hype or indispensable?

Monday, April 6, 2020

Chart Larger version   Each pathogen has its own peculiarities. But basically all pathogens are transmitted through direct contact . Most of the pathogens are deposited on surfaces in our environment. There they remain infectious for only a few minutes to hours (cannot be equated with demonstrable [ NEJM, 3/17/20 ]). But in everyday life we ​​are in constant contact with our environment. And so germs from our environment get on our hands constantly. 

  • If you have no symptoms (cough, runny nose), you do not have to wear a mask to protect others.
  • Masks reduce the risk of transmission of a sick person when they cough.
  • In the hours before the onset of symptoms, in which a person can be contagious through contact, this contagion is not prevented by wearing masks.
  • According to what we know, it does not seem necessary for other people to wear a mask.
  • The most common virus transmission is through contact. Hygiene measures remain the most important preventive measure.