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2022 FL State Session Bills

Title (click on link below for more information) Session Yearsort descending Bill Number click on bill title for more information and action items
Abortion- Heartbeat Bill 2022



House: HB 167-Barnaby

2022 Jan- Companion bill was not filed in the Senate.. Bill is dead. 

2021 Sept.- Filed in House

Summary:  Abortion: Requires physician to conduct test for, & inform woman seeking abortion of, presence of detectable fetal heartbeat; prohibits physician from performing or inducing abortion if fetal heartbeat is detected or if physician fails to conduct test to detect fetal heartbeat; provides exceptions; authorizes private civil cause of action for certain violations; provides for civil remedies & damages.

No companion bill filed in Senate... bill is dead. 

2022 Election Administration 2022

Senate CS/CS/SB 524 Hudson

House CS/HB 7061

Link to updates, committee videos , transcripts, letters... 
Vote History
Bill Analysis 

3/9/22 Order Enrolled
3/9/22 Passed House 76:41 
3/4/22 Passed Senate  24:14  

2/1/22 Replace CS
1/14/22 HB 1353 in House Public Integrity & Elections

Fetal and Infant Mortality Reduction 2022


House: HB 05-Grall and Persons-Mulicka and several co-sponsors

Senate: SB 146 Stargell

Link to updates, committee videos, transcripts, letters,...

3/4/22- House order enrolled
3/3/22 Passed Senate 23:15
2/17/22 Passed House floor:  78:39

Parental Rights in Education 2022


SB 1834- Parental Rights in Education by Baxley

HB- 1557 Parental Rights in Education by Harding

Link to Updates, Committee Videos, transcripts, letters...     

Vote History
3/8/22 House order enrolled 
3/3/22 Passed Senate 22:17   Republicans Bradley and Brandes voted against due to public pressure that this was an anti-gay bill.
2/24/22 Passed House 69:47  

2022 Religious Institutions Protection Act 2022


HB 215- DiCeglie (CO-SPONSORS) Borrero

SB 254 Brodeur ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Perry

Vote History
3/2/22 Senate ENROLLED BILL
1/27/22 Passed Senate 31:3 - First committee(11/22/21)
3/2/22 Passed House 88:29 - First committee(1/11/22)

1/15/22  Per Florida Family Policy:

Free Speech of Health Care Practitioners 2022


SB 1184- Broxson

HB 687 - Drake

Free Speech of Health Care Practitioners: Prohibits certain entities from revoking license, certificate, or registration of health care practitioner for specified use of his or her right of free speech without specified proof; provides liability & penalty.

2022 Individual Freedom (Ban CRT) 2022


CS/HB 7 Avila

SB 148 Diaz

Link to updates, committee videos, transcripts, letters

Vote History
3/10/22 House Order Enrolled
3/10/22- Passed Senate 24:15 - (First Committee 2/28)
2/24/22 Passed House: 74:41- (First Committee 1/24)