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2022 FL State Session Bills

Title (click on link below for more information) Session Year Bill Number click on bill title for more information and action items
Parental Rights in Education 2022


SB 1834- Parental Rights in Education by Baxley

HB- 1557 Parental Rights in Education by Harding

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Vote History
3/8/22 House order enrolled 
3/3/22 Passed Senate 22:17   Republicans Bradley and Brandes voted against due to public pressure that this was an anti-gay bill.
2/24/22 Passed House 69:47  

2022 Election Administration 2022

Senate CS/CS/SB 524 Hudson

House CS/HB 7061

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Vote History
Bill Analysis 

3/9/22 Order Enrolled
3/9/22 Passed House 76:41 
3/4/22 Passed Senate  24:14  

2/1/22 Replace CS
1/14/22 HB 1353 in House Public Integrity & Elections

2022 Individual Freedom (Ban CRT) 2022


CS/HB 7 Avila

SB 148 Diaz

Link to updates, committee videos, transcripts, letters

Vote History
3/10/22 House Order Enrolled
3/10/22- Passed Senate 24:15 - (First Committee 2/28)
2/24/22 Passed House: 74:41- (First Committee 1/24)

2022 Religious Institutions Protection Act 2022


HB 215- DiCeglie (CO-SPONSORS) Borrero

SB 254 Brodeur ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Perry

Vote History
3/2/22 Senate ENROLLED BILL
1/27/22 Passed Senate 31:3 - First committee(11/22/21)
3/2/22 Passed House 88:29 - First committee(1/11/22)

1/15/22  Per Florida Family Policy:

Fetal and Infant Mortality Reduction 2022


House: HB 05-Grall and Persons-Mulicka and several co-sponsors

Senate: SB 146 Stargell

Link to updates, committee videos, transcripts, letters,...

3/4/22- House order enrolled
3/3/22 Passed Senate 23:15
2/17/22 Passed House floor:  78:39

Free Speech of Health Care Practitioners 2022


SB 1184- Broxson

HB 687 - Drake

Free Speech of Health Care Practitioners: Prohibits certain entities from revoking license, certificate, or registration of health care practitioner for specified use of his or her right of free speech without specified proof; provides liability & penalty.

Abortion- Heartbeat Bill 2022



House: HB 167-Barnaby

2022 Jan- Companion bill was not filed in the Senate.. Bill is dead. 

2021 Sept.- Filed in House

Summary:  Abortion: Requires physician to conduct test for, & inform woman seeking abortion of, presence of detectable fetal heartbeat; prohibits physician from performing or inducing abortion if fetal heartbeat is detected or if physician fails to conduct test to detect fetal heartbeat; provides exceptions; authorizes private civil cause of action for certain violations; provides for civil remedies & damages.

No companion bill filed in Senate... bill is dead.