2022 Religious Institutions Protection Act

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Both House Senate
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Vote History
3/2/22 Senate ENROLLED BILL
1/27/22 Passed Senate 31:3 - First committee(11/22/21)
3/2/22 Passed House 88:29 - First committee(1/11/22)

1/15/22  Per Florida Family Policy:

Description: The Religious Institutions Bill attempts to stop discriminatory government mandates against religious organizations in times of emergency. This issue came to the forefront during the COVID pandemic when governors from across the nation placed churches and houses of worship under unique restrictions than harsher than those of businesses and other organizations. (For example, in several states, governors allowed most businesses to operate at 50% occupancy, while only allowing 10 or 50 people in a church service, regardless of the size of the church, creating a double standard that discriminated against religious organizations.) Thankfully, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not pushed such policies, but future administrations could reverse course. This bill proactively protects religious institutions by requiring equal treatment under the law under during state emergencies.