Toledo- HB-482 Prohibit Discrimination

Monday, April 20, 2020

2019 Last Event: Died in Civil Justice Subcommittee on Friday, May 3, 2019 11:59 PM

From Florida Family Policy: Why we oppose- (TALKING POINTS)

This bill would allow men to use and access women's private and intimate spaces, including showers, locker rooms, dressing rooms, spas, and bathrooms in places of employment, YMCA, gyms, domestic violence shelters, summer camps, schools, etc.
This bill creates a new lawsuit for disgruntled employees to sue employers and small businesses for "claims of discrimination" by the LGBTQ population. 
Similar bills have been used around the country as a weapon to punish creative professionals who are people of faith who wish to live and at in accordance sincerely help religious beliefs in commerce and business such as cake bakers, videographer, photographers, bed-an-breakfast owners, and other commercial vendors, who refused to provide their goods and services for the same-sex marriage ceremonies. 

Those in favor of this bill claim that it is necessary for economic growth hence the name "Competivive Workforce Act." However, 10 out of 10 states rated to have the worse economic growth and economic outlook have statewide SOGI laws while 8 out of 10 states with the best economic growth/outlook do not have statewide SOGI laws.  THERE IS SIMPLY NO EVIDENCE THAT PASSAGE OF THIS BILL WOULD, IN FACT, STIMULATE THE ECONOMY.  
Government should not enact laws which threaten the freedom of its citizens and require them to believe and act in a manner that violates their conscience under threat of punishment.  This bills is anti-liberty and anti-privacy. 
In other words- what about the safety of women in the The Spring Shelters and other shelters, daycare workers, home daycare???

"Similar Bills"- HB- 479 Defines terms "gender identity" & "sexual orientation"; revises functions of Florida Commission on Human Relations; revises provisions regarding remedies for unlawful discrimination to include discrimination based on sexual orientation & gender identity in area of employment; adds sexual orientation & gender identity as impermissible grounds for discrimination with respect to specified unlawful employment practices; provides exception to specified provisions for constitutionally protected free exercise of religion.

Jackie Toledo seems to be misled and needs to better understand how this bill is anti-family, anti-child and anti-employer.. read her comments and information from Florida Family Association.

Jackie Toledo: June 9: In light of some of the comments made recently regarding the LGBT community, I think it is important to take a moment and remember those who were senselessly murdered in the Pulse shooting. It is so critical to remember that we are all human regardless of who we love. I am looking forward to the 2020 Legislative Session to continue supporting legislation similar to the Competitive Workforce Act.

Jackie Toledo:  "This past weekend I was given the opportunity to use a Bird Electric Scooter at the Ybor City Pride Parade. Bird's mission is to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions. I also was able to show my support for HB 485 the Competitive Workforce Act; this act expands the 1992 Civil Rights Act to include nondiscrimination protections for sexual orientation and identity."    

The worst bill in the Florida Legislature because it violates the dignity and privacy of women and children and Floridians’ First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of association. It adds sexual orientation and gender identity or expression to Florida’s Civil Rights Act of 1992 as impermissible grounds for discrimination. This bill provides a new way for LGBT individuals to sue employers and small businesses for discrimination.  Would allow men access to use women’s showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms.

A full list of House and Senate co-sponsors.