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Video: It's Never Medically Necessary To Have An Abortion

Levatino maintains that while there are instances in which babies tragically perish as a result of medically necessary procedures due to pregnancy complications, this is far different than an intentional abortion procedure to “save” the mother, which is never necessary nor practical. 

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Chastity Project- Pronography

This website has videos, audios, Q&A, Internet filters.... 

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Pam Stenzel

Let’s face it. Today’s teenagers are in a whole new arena when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases.They’re facing consequences that teens from previous generations couldn’t even imagine.That is why it is so important to make sure that today’s teens hear straight talk…about sex, about the consequences, about the life and death choices that they meet every single day.

Drawing from her personal story, as well as her visits with teens around the world, Pam talks about the consequences-both physical and emotional-of sex outside of marriage. It’s been her experience that, if given the facts, today’s young people are fully capable of making good, healthy decisions.

*** Heard her speak... excellent information presented in a lively, thought provoking presentation.

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Life Matters- Videos for Children

Videos, Lessons, Interactive websites for children. Helping them understand the importance of life and what is life. 

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Catholic Voting Discernment 

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