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Do not wait until you have Covid to make a plan.  Use the prevention protocol (this includes finding a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin and other medicines), have an antibody treatment center located... call to verify their policy.

Seems as though the Antibody treatment works even after a week; however if your oxygen level is low most facilities will not administer treatment.


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Tampa and National Providers-PDF Treatment Provider, Medical Resource
C19 Protocols- Physicians offering early treatment

Great List of Providers.

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FLCCC Alliance

Prevention Protocols
Why Ivermectin
List of Medical Providers
List of Pharmacies

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Americans Frontline Doctors

COVID-19 Treatment Providers Available  
  AFLDA White Paper

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My Free Doctor

My Free Doctor is a phone app. 
TREATMENT AVAILABLE They have promptly gotten back to me (within 12 yrs).  In the process of getting preventative medictation for my family.

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Budesonideworks- Provider List
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Guidewell Emergency Doctors- Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Monoclonal AntibodyTreatment  Locations Tampa Bay and Orlando (I confirmed this groups performs the infusions). Several hospitals in Florida also give this treatment. Several friends have gone to these clinics... all have said very impressed with the professionalism and treatment success.  Even if you are have had symptoms for 7 or more days the treatment seems to help.  One friend's brother is a doctor and gave the treatment to a patient on a ventilator and quickly helped... patient went home soon afterwards.

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Retire the Pandemic-Provider List

On-line MD in Wisconsin but can service other states. 

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