Update Sept. 25th.  Paul headed to his new 'home' for the next 8 months.  Even after having Covid which delayed his report date he has to quarantine for 14 days (which really should come as no suprise). I recieved this e-mail from him yesterday.

Hi Teresa. 
Hope things are well with you. Just letting you know I am alright. The first 2 weeks of being in, we have
to stay in a quarrentine wing and only so many of us at a time are allowed out of our cells for 2hrs a day. So it is a
little dragging waiting for the time to pass with so little to occupy myself with, but I am safe so far.

Thank you for all the help you have given me. If anyone is asking, please let them know I am ok. If anyone wants
to send $ to my commissary just look up this Prison, FDC Miami, and my inmate number 30165-509. 

I miss everyone, and I look forward to seeing everyone when I return. I am lucky to have gotten to know good




Paul is a true patriot.  He worked hard on President Trump's campaign door knocking, flag waving and participating in car rallies.  Paul went to DC to support President Trump and to be with fellow patriots. This event changed his life forever. He was unjustly sentenced to 8 months in federal prison for entering the Capitol for 15 minutes and taking a few selfies.   Please consider helping Paul with his legal expenses, rent and other living expenses. 

  • Click  Here to make a donations.  (This is a Christian website... after I set the account up a prayer warrior called to say she was praying for Paul and our campaign!  THANK YOU  GiveSendGo is powered by Givers   #1FreeChristianCrowdfundingSite  
  • Or if you are uncomfortable donating online you can send a check or money order to
    • Please make checks payable to Teresa Miller so I can cash them for Paul pay bills while he doesn't have access to accounts. 
    • Intown Mini Storage, 1026 19th St N, St. Pete, FL 33713
    • If you want a receipt for your donations I can mail you one or send one via email just indicate your preference. 

Watch Paul in action flag waving on Dale Mabry!! 

Patriot Paul

Aug 10 opening Cyber Symposium
D’Souza to Donate $100,000 to the Families of Jan. 6 Defendants Why We Are Donating $100,000 to the Families of Jan 6 Defendants

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza and his wife Debbie will donate $100,000 to a nonprofit fund to provide immediate relief to the families of Americans arrested and detained for their involvement in the Capitol breach on January 6.

I reached out to D'Souza via tweet to ask him to help Paul. - Teresa  Pray that he will help Paul. 

A Dangerous Threat to Democracy

This explosive segment explores the experience of Paul Hodgkins, the 38-year-old patriot who entered the Capitol on January 6th, donning a Trump t-shirt and carrying a Trump flag. Unarmed and causing harm to no one, he has been portrayed by the Prosecutor as “a dangerous threat to democracy.” Listen in as Malcolm flushes out what it was like to be one of the actual participants inside the Capitol that day. The chaos, the prayers, the surreal emotions one man experienced, and how those short 20 minutes changed Paul Hodgkins’ life forever. Team Nation member, Cathi Chamberlain, joins the second hour to share how close she came to following patriots like Paul into the Capitol and how easily she, too, could be facing felony charges today.

Patriots are the new “Domestic Terrorists” – Meet Paul Hodgkins

Article by Cathi Chamberlain

Known affectionately to his local Trump flag-waving groups as “Patriot Paul,” he’s a 38-year-old Eagle Scout with an unblemished record and a blue-collar worker at a steel manufacturing plant for the past seven years. His two cats are his kids. The $800 per month place he lives in might be a rental, but it is home to him. Just a very humble fellow who always paid his bills, had a promotion coming, and felt secure with the nest egg he’d painstakingly grown over the years. Now all of that is gone.

“Patriot Paul,” while just the first of the swamp’s Jan 6 victims, will hardly be the last. There are hundreds more awaiting their fate in solitary confinement, being beaten by guards, and being withheld medical treatment. What better way has the left of disarming its political opponents while removing our right to vote? 

In my last conversation with “Patriot Paul” on July 26th, I was struck by his guilt. He said, “I regret that I broke the law.” No, Paul, I replied vehemently. You were the victim of a massive government setup. And, you must never forget that.

Dinesh D'Souza- Paul Hodgkins sentencing

Link to Facebook page

Capitol rioter who breached Senate gets 8 months for felony

A grave injustice to our freedom. 99% of the people were there peacefully protesting the fraudulent election but the media propagandizes it differently!

A crane operator from Florida who breached the U.S. Senate chamber carrying a Trump campaign flag was sentenced Monday to eight months behind bars, the first punishment handed down for a felony charge in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and one that could help determine the severity of other sentences in hundreds of pending cases.

Hold The Line Podcast - Pelosi's Laptop Hold The Line Podcast - Pelosi's Laptop

Hold the Line: Couple from Alaska at the Jan 6th Rally discusses what they saw and how they felt. Did not go in to the Capitol yet FBI storms their home. Demand to see a warrent and ID.