2020 Judicial Race

Candidate Facts:  

Bill Yanger:


Democratic Slate Card- Supports Yanger


Coincidence??      Non-partisan? 


  • 9/6/20 took the 'E' out of his logo in conservative districts and made it a letter 'E'.
  • A registered Democrat from 1988 till 11/2018
  • Most of his contribution from Democrats and NPA.
  • Yanger is recommended on the Democrat ballot because he is not a conservative yet interestingly enough the party does not recommend a sheriff.  I would say Yanger is more Democrat than the sheriff running as a registered Democrat.
  • Democrat Platform support Abortion (late term) and will a floor vote for the Born Alive bill.  
  • He states he is a Christian but then so does Biden and Pelosi... both very pro-abortion.  In God's eyes there is only one issue... that is life.
  • 2018 Yanger ran against a current judge, Jared Smith one of the best pro-life judges. He lost the race getting 33% of the votes.  Yanger's supporters were and currently are mostly Democrats. 

Monique Scott first time running for office. Very diverse support.  Only conservative candidate in this race. Background is distinct and varied..

  • First chair in 60 trials and over 100 bench trials (more than twice as many trials as Yanger has been lead on.
    • First chair means lead attorney (responsible for the case)
    • jury trials vs bench (in front of judge)
  • Entire career in State & County court (position running for)
  • On paper looks like Yanger has much more experience because he is licensed longer but has significantly less time in State and County Court.